Week 25 MKMMA: Swarming BEES are taking the HEROS JOURNEY!

Week 25 MKMMA:  Swarming BEES are taking the HEROS JOURNEY!

bee swarm on fenceIt is spring and the bees are already collecting pollen for their brood.  They can fly when outside temperatures get above 7 C.  Being a beekeeper is a fascinating journey.  One starts to look at which plants are in flower and what color their pollen is.  There is tons of orange pollen, lots of yellow pollens and some white, black and blue pollens.  Each has its own amino acid profile for the protein needed for baby brood development.  My bees are bringing in light yellow and dark orange pollen right now and I don’t see anything in flower.  They have better eyes than I do…..and that is a good thing.

When a hive is really healthy/strong, it wants to reproduce itself and starts the process of swarming.  The worker female bees will develop queen cells that are round and face downwards in the hive.  The queen will lay eggs into those cells.  The hive decides which bees will leave with the swarm and which ones will stay at home to tend the home hive.  When the queen eggs are almost ready to hatch, all swarming bees will fill their stomachs with food and the hive will send out about 10,000 bees (about half the hive) with a queen within 10 minutes…..THE START OF THE HEROS JOURNEY!

I had the priviledge to see my hive swarm.  You would have thought the hive was on fire and every bee needed to escape as fast as possible.  Then you stand with 10,000 bees flying all arobee swarm 2 pixlrund you and eventually they land on a tree limb with the queen in the middle.  The queen is fed and kept warm while the forager bees start to look for a new home.

Timing is everything.

Will they find a home that is suitable?

Will the weather hold up and keep dry and warm for the swarm while the scout bees are searching?

Will people treat them with love and call a beekeeper for help to find them a home?

There are no guarantees!  They only have enough food for a few days in their honey stomachs. They are going into the unknown with confidence that Nature will be abundant and provide a home for them.  Scout bees look for a new home and report back to the swarm.  The final decision of which home to start anew in is done in a democratic process.  The forager bees all vote.  Eventually only one hive is chosen and the swarm flies to that home to start anew.

SWARMS ARE GENTLE BEES.  bee swarm moved by Micheal Theile by hands pixlr

All bees are gentle when treated with respect and love.  But swarm bees are especially gentle.  They have NO home to protect and are very vulnerable. Any inclement weather will kill the swarm.  The biggest challenge they face is human fear of them.

Michael Thiele, founder of Gaia Bees, is a master of working with bees.  Through his training, he has come to respect the physical needs, emotional needs, mental needs and spiritual needs of bees.  Here is a video of him moving a swarm with his bare hands (not something for a novice to try):

Swarming bees are taking the HEROS JOURNEY!  They are venturing into the unknown.  This vulnerable stage is just the beginning of starting a new life, in a new environment….that can be many miles away from the old home.

We as humans have the choice to stay in the old COMFORTABLE, FAMILIAR home or to take the hero’s journey into the unknown.  Perhaps all of Nature does this in their life cycles.  I am just starting to see this clearly with the bees.


Week 24 MKMMA: Raising our consciousness

Week 24 MKMMA:  Raising our consciousness

bee love pixlrBees work in unity consciousness…..that means they work for the highest good of all.  Every action is known by all and done to help their hive (considered ONE super-organism) to thrive its best.  Bees cannot survive on their own.  They need the whole group to keep themselves warm, gather food, raise the brood babies, care for each other, etc.  Yet, their effects are vast.  They give to the plants they pollinate, the animals and humans who eat the fruit, the Earth by allowing Nature to be abundant for all.  They truly GIVE more than they TAKE.

This blog feels like it will meander.

I was listening to Lee Carroll channel Kryon today as I was painting my entrance way.  Kryon was bringing forth the stages of how Planet Earth is Ascending in CONSCIOUSNESS.  We had to pass the marker of 2012 to enter into a new energy that would start shifting humanity’s consciousness ….. from fear/survival mode for eons ….. to a Creator as a loving Being…….to a Creator as a loving, compassionate Being.  We are learning to have compassion for ALL LIFE as our consciousness raises.  Kryon described enlightenment in a way I found fascinating.  Tolerance ….. non-judgement for all religious beliefs and non-believers.

I have been following Steve Beckow in his ascension process for years now.  He blogs this on Golden Age of Gaia daily.  It is fascinating since he is sooooo honest with himself and transparent to the world.  He has lately been experiencing BLISS and describing the feel/when it arises/what turns it off/how to function in bliss, etc.

In his post entitled “The movement from drama to bliss” on March 11, 2016, he mentions that “judgement closes down the space in which bliss resides.” Underneath all the societal conditioning we received at young ages, is our natural state……bliss, love, joy and happiness.

So what does this have to do with MKMMA?

Babies are filled with joy, happiness, bliss and love.  That, I believe,  is our natural state.  So what happened?  Where is that state in me now?  Well, under a pile of conditioning called cement on the Buddha.  Our light is in there.  We just have to remove all the limiting beliefs so that our natural state shines brightly.

The challenge I am working through is judgment.  I can clearly see and correct judgments of others as they occur in my mind.  But it appears a much more challenging task to identify the judgments against myself. 

MKMMA gives you the insights, understandings, and tools to truly chip off the cement of social conditioning.  One just has to apply them regularly, with persistence, to shift their consciousness level.  Fear is on the decline and joy is on the rise for me.

Imagine a world that works for everyone.  Just like the bees, we each contribute our part to the whole.  No judgment against myself or others.  Tolerance, peace, freedom, equality and abundance for all.

This MKMMA course is a step in that direction.

Thank you to the MKMMA staff for such a high quality course.

Week 23 MKMMA: The ‘Universal Substance’ is LOVE

Week 23 MKMMA:  The ‘Universal Substance’ islove 2 pixlr LOVE

 This MKMMA course really gets you thinking.  Haanel constantly talks of the omnipresence of ‘Universal Substance’, from which all things are made of …… the energy soup that we all exist inside of……and that we all create from.  The individual is the channel that the Universal Mind creates through.  Your passions and interests manifest in outer reality because you sent that energy out and thus, is calling that energy back to you.


It dawned on me that this ‘Universal substance’ really is just LOVE.  Lynn McTaggart talks about the FIELD in her book called ‘The Field.’   This field is the energy soup I have been talking about…….this field is what I call a soup of LOVE.

 Haanel 20.31:  In Him we live and move and have our being.

‘Him’ =  Universal Mind = Source Consciousness = the Creator = LOVE

I was borne in LOVE.

I live in a LOVING energy field.

I AM made of LOVE.

I create with LOVE, from LOVE, to BE LOVE.

I AM LOVE in form.

love pixlr

How cool is that?

I love synchronicity.

I read Golden Age of Gaia for my Soul food.  Blossom Goodchild brings this forth February 27, 2016:

ENERGY  is continual … and contains everything that is.

ENERGY is everything that ONE desires to manipulate into FORM!

ENERGY is every FEELING that one desires to FEEL.

It is everything one desires to BE.

and ………. This energy is called ………. LOVE!

This MKMMA course really challenges your beliefs, core beliefs about who we really are and why we are here on Planet Earth.  Even better,  it gives you the tools to figure this out for yourself……no gurus in this course.  The ‘world within’ is your guide, once you find a way to connect in and listen.


eckhart tolle 1

Core truths are often very simple.

Week 22 MKMMA: Healing habits and unconscious thoughts

Week 22 MKMMA:  Healing habits and unconscious thoughts

chakras human 1 pixlrI love synchronicity.

It is truly amazing how the Universe works.  Here we are, in the master keys master mind alliance course working to reprogram the subconscious mind with great habits, thoughts, and emotions that support our Soul’s purpose.

Then, Natalie Glasson from http://www.omna.org brings forth information and a meditation to heal the habits, patterns and unconscious thoughts residing in our root chakra. This is found as Capsule of Wisdom #111, entitled healing the root chakra.chakras human 2 pixlr

Chakras are like energy vortexes that absorb the Universal energies from around us, from the energy soup that we all exist in, and bring it into our bodies for use.  I have read of how the root chakra grounds/connects us to Mother ENatalie Glasson pixlrarth.

But Natalie brings forth soooooo much more about the root chakra that I have not heard of ……. yet makes so much sense.

  So empowering!

Here are some things the root chakra does.

  1. It grounds me meaning acceptance – of myself, my own self-love, love from ALL, and my connection to Mother Earth.
  2. Acceptance of my own inner power = the power of my Soul.
  3. The importance of trust.

Her meditation helps to dissolve all unneeded habits, patterns, and unconscious thoughts from this life and other lifetimes so that we can accept, trust, and embody our INNER POWER.  We are then more trusting of the Universe and accept energies to help us manifest our Soul’s purpose.

This sooooo aligns with what we are doing in the MKMMA course…..yet an extension.  Unneeded energies exist in cellular memory throughout our body, not just our brain/ sub-conscious mind.  So what a beautiful addition to my healing process.

Thank you Natalie Glasson for all your gifts to Mother Earth and her kingdoms.

Thank you Universe for all the synchronicities that are occurring daily to help me move forward with my Soul’s purpose.

Like Gandhi says:chakras human 5 on island pixlr

“Be the peace you want to see in the world.”

As long as I am in the process, the result is guaranteed

(Deepak Chopra)

Thank you MKMMA for this course.  It so aligns with Earth’s evolutionary process.

Week 21 MKMMA: We are shifting Planetary Consciousness!

Week 21 MKMMA: We are shifting planetary consciousness!

I have been thinking Universe human energy pixlrlately how we are made of energy/ light…..that my body is just condensed energy into a form that appears solid. Each human exists in an ENERGY SOUP. This energy soup is neutral.  Every thought and emotion I have is like a tentacle that sends out information to the energy soup/ Universal Mind indicating what I want to experience.

I love synchronicity.

Confirmation of this is showing up big time.

Peggy Black (1) brings forth this information:

Thoughts and emotions imprint energy. You exist in a sea of energy vibrations. The field of energy … is neutral. It is awaiting your imprint, your projection.”

Haanel, in 20.23, says that

“In Him we live and move and have our beiUniverse human energy 2 pixlrng”.

I have never thought of this before. Yet the insight I had was that my being exists inside this energy soup ….. the energy of the Creator or Universal Mind.  Of course I do!  Haanel calls this energy soup ‘pranic energy’ or ‘cosmic energy’….it feeds me every moment of every day.

I exist inside the Creator’s energy and the Creator is feeding me all the time….responding to me all the time….helping me to manifest whatever thoughts and emotions I express into the field of energy.

So if I am inside the Creator, I am one with the Creator and this Universal Mind manifests through me….based on my thoughts and emotions that I generate.

This sounds soooo simple and obvious now, but it has taken me years to get this understanding. This MKMMA course has been talking about this now for 21 weeks and I have had such resistance to this truth.

Fear of being powerful?

I accept that I create my reality, but I really did not embody this all the time….only when it was convenient.

But Peggy Black (1) reminds us that:

“Your words, thoughts, emotions and actions are always influencing the quantum field of reality.”

This MKMMA course is really a course in MASTERY….learning to be a master of my thoughts, words, actions, emotions, etc. Imagine a world where many people only envision:Universe helps you to achieve pixlr

* free energy from air for all.

* free education and free health care for all.

* clean air, water, land and sustainable food for all.

* leaders who work for the Highest Good of all.

* prosperity and abundance for all.

* freedom and equality for all.

In science, the hundredth monkey effect has been studied. When a monkey on one island began to wash its’ fruit before eating it, other monkeys started to do the same.  Then this activity showed up on other islands.  How?  Their thoughts and actions entered the energy soup (collective consciousness) around the planet.  Other monkeys received this energy and then changed their behavior.

So as I change my behavior and call forth a healthier vision for myself and the planet, this affects the collective consciousness….the energy soup around us all.

“Every time someone imagines OUTSIDE the box of preconceived ideas …. it welcomes a new realization.  This new realization, this new idea then becomes available to the collective. The more individuals that focus on this new idea……the stronger it becomes, the clearer it manifests, until it becomes the excepted norm for all” Peggy Black (1).

Are we powerful BEINGS in form?Universe in my hands pixlr

Yes since each one of us can change this planet with each thought, emotion, belief and action that we express.

We are the change we want to see in the world

Imagine 30,000 masters on Planet Earth….the goal of MKMMA.

Planet Earth is getting a make-over….one that is long overdue. She needs our loving light, loving thoughts, loving emotions, and loving actions.  That is why we are here at this time on Earth.  We are the transformers in form.  We are seeding this reality with solutions, for every challenge, for the Highest Good of All. We are sending loving energy to all the chaos to transform it.

I am sooooo GRATEFUL for MKMMA.

It has challenged me…. challenged my resistance to be powerful….challenged all my belief systems….challenged me daily to grasp how Planet Earth really works and how to manifest the best I can.

If I am the Creator in form, why not create something beautiful, balanced, and harmonious for ALL Kingdoms on  Planet Earth?

I can. I AM.  I will.

I can Be what I will to Be !!!!!


(1) “’The Team’: You are Truly Seeding This Reality,” channeled by Peggy Black, February 16, 2016, at www.morningmessages.com

Week 20 MKMMA: The Jello is forming

Week 20 MKMMA:  The Jello is forming

This week has been a time of contemplation.  I am seeing the MKquantum physics 1 pixlrMMA concepts everywhere I look and read.

Truths are omnipresent.

This means that it is found everywhere, when you develop your senses/ beliefs / neuronet to accept it.  It is like adding apps to your cell phone.  Without them, you did not know that something was possible.  With the apps, you see them, develop your skills to use them and then really accept your new reality.

My hubby and I were watching ‘What the Bleep Quantum Edition’.  This movie set has an extra 6 hours of interviews beyond the movie.  Lynn McTaggart was talking about how we and all of reality is an made of an energy/light packets …..an energy soup.  My body is just a concentrated for of energy/light and the air is less concentrated, but yet it still contains energy and light.  So when I send out a thought (energy) to the field, it responds back in kind.

Energy out = energy back

Then we listened to the theologian (Dr. Miceal Ledwith) speak.  Same thing but even more powerful.  We are here to become powerful…..shine our light …… recognize that we create our reality and become cognizant of energy out will come back to us to experience and learn from.

On my walk today by the river, there is some ice on the rriver 3 pixlriver….it is only -15C.  I have started to pay attention more to nature these days.  I can quiet my mind easily when I walk in Nature. The water reminded me of our power, it just wants to flow unimpeded.  Our inner light is the powerhouse of our body…..and it wants to flow unimpeded.  The ice on the river is like the cement on the Buddha. We are learning to let the cement crack and fall away as it restricts the flow of our light, our insights, our creativity, and our manifestations.

kirlian photo of coleus leaf pixlr

Look at the amount of light within a coleus plant (taken by kirlian photography).  This is just one leaf! Imagine the light within our cells and body…… especially if we are enthusiastic and passionate about life.

It feels like the concepts taught in this Master Keys course are really sinking in.  I am catching myself more and more embracing the affirmations just as simple truths.  I am embodying what I perceive to be truth and letting the conditioning of society fall away.

Challenging at times….yes.  Worth the effort……absolutely.

My walks in Nature just seem to melt away the crap and I see beauty all around me. We are all loving light at our core.  Anything that attempts to diminish our light, diminish our self-esteem, or diminish our power is just an illusion.

Understanding this is one level.

Embodying it is another level.

KNOWING it at my core is the goal.

Then I can radiate it outwards to all.


Week 19 MKMMA: Impossible or I’m Possible

Week 19 MKMMA:  Impossible or I’m Possible

The motto at the blind/low vision school where I used to wIm possible EDITEDork is:

“The impossible is only the untried”

You have to just love synchronicity.

This is posted in the accessibility room at Conestoga College, where I now work.

 We are taking the hero’s journey in this course.  We are stepping outside the box of conditioned thoughts, beliefs, attitudes we inherited as children and stepping into the unknown…..where our light that wants to shine forth from within.  Challenging….yes.  This week has been a turning point.

One dream I had was a massive wave of water (100 feet tall) flowing toward a town.  I remember telling the 8 year old boy next to me:

NOT to hold onto anywave of oceanthing, just go with the flow, feet forward, and keep out of the way of buildings.”  We made it safely to shore. It felt like I was undergoing a massive house cleaning and letting go of lots of stuff.

Now I am dreaming of my healing abilities.  It is like I had to step outside the box of my old life and then the confirmations would come to show me the potentials of my new life.

The funks still come, but they are of shorter duration and not nearly as intense as before.  I finally decided this morning that I want to ENJOY this process of creating this new life, life #2.

We are reading in Og Mandino’s book about living in the NOW and letting go of yesterday’s occurances and tomorrow’s expectations.  How appropriate!  Haanel talks about how the Universal Intelligence creates through us.

Haanel 18.12:  “Thought is creative ……but this creative power….originates….in the Universal…the individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy.”

So if I am to create, according to my passions/interests, how will I intuit creative ideas from this Universal Intelligence if I am thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.  I need to be in the NOW, concentrated in my activity that I am doing right NOW.

Haanel 17.6:  “…. True concentration……I should be so interested in my thought, so engrossed in my subject, as to be conscious of nothing else.  Such concentration leads to intuitive perception and immediate insight….”

Create my own path

This was on the same board that I came across this week.

Love synchronicity!

So my thoughts are telling the Universal Intelligence what I want to create.  I am getting this more and more each day.  My moods are much lighter.  I am singing more during the day….lines from my Definite Major Purpose….while driving, at stores, in the house, cleaning, in the kitchen.

All is moving in the right direction.  Thank You Universe for all the signs!