Week 22 MKMMA: Healing habits and unconscious thoughts

Week 22 MKMMA:  Healing habits and unconscious thoughts

chakras human 1 pixlrI love synchronicity.

It is truly amazing how the Universe works.  Here we are, in the master keys master mind alliance course working to reprogram the subconscious mind with great habits, thoughts, and emotions that support our Soul’s purpose.

Then, Natalie Glasson from http://www.omna.org brings forth information and a meditation to heal the habits, patterns and unconscious thoughts residing in our root chakra. This is found as Capsule of Wisdom #111, entitled healing the root chakra.chakras human 2 pixlr

Chakras are like energy vortexes that absorb the Universal energies from around us, from the energy soup that we all exist in, and bring it into our bodies for use.  I have read of how the root chakra grounds/connects us to Mother ENatalie Glasson pixlrarth.

But Natalie brings forth soooooo much more about the root chakra that I have not heard of ……. yet makes so much sense.

  So empowering!

Here are some things the root chakra does.

  1. It grounds me meaning acceptance – of myself, my own self-love, love from ALL, and my connection to Mother Earth.
  2. Acceptance of my own inner power = the power of my Soul.
  3. The importance of trust.

Her meditation helps to dissolve all unneeded habits, patterns, and unconscious thoughts from this life and other lifetimes so that we can accept, trust, and embody our INNER POWER.  We are then more trusting of the Universe and accept energies to help us manifest our Soul’s purpose.

This sooooo aligns with what we are doing in the MKMMA course…..yet an extension.  Unneeded energies exist in cellular memory throughout our body, not just our brain/ sub-conscious mind.  So what a beautiful addition to my healing process.

Thank you Natalie Glasson for all your gifts to Mother Earth and her kingdoms.

Thank you Universe for all the synchronicities that are occurring daily to help me move forward with my Soul’s purpose.

Like Gandhi says:chakras human 5 on island pixlr

“Be the peace you want to see in the world.”

As long as I am in the process, the result is guaranteed

(Deepak Chopra)

Thank you MKMMA for this course.  It so aligns with Earth’s evolutionary process.


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